J. Michael Straczynski Babylon 5

Ever since J. Michael Straczynski shared he was dabbling once again with the world of ‘Babylon 5,‘ we were hoping for a television series, but that doesn’t sound like it could happen. While a movie will likely move forward, we can’t expect much more than that. The problem isn’t that Straczynski wouldn’t want to dive back into an ongoing series, but it sounds like Warner Bros., who owns the rights, won’t fund it or believe it could be supported from another source.

Here is exactly what the creator shared to all of our dismay:


The studio owns the rights as a living entity which means that they’ll hold the rights for 50 years after the studio’s “death.” That means that if the studio went under it would take at least 50 years before the rights would be available.

We shouldn’t hold our breath.

You have to figure if they don’t want to convert the old episodes into an HD release or fund new ones that this is a lost cause for fans. This from the studio who can’t help but try everything they can to make viable franchises these days.

This is why we’ll be getting a film before a chance at anything else:


At least we have a shot at a new take on this classic directly by the man who created it all.

Do you think that a ‘Babylon 5’ movie will be successful enough to spawn a cinematic franchise? Is Warner Bros. making a mistake or the right decision by not rebooting the series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend