Before Ridley Scott decided Xenomorphs were boring in his ‘Prometheus’ ‘Alien‘ prequels, we had a bright light on the horizon in Neill Blomkamp wanting to make a new film in the franchise. In fact, he had decided a way to ignore ‘Alien 3’ and continue on Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley in a way that would give the actress a proper send off.

Weaver was entirely on board with the idea as well, but it never got past the concept art and pitching stages. The Internet loved what they saw, but the studio decided Ridley Scott’s name would be able to save the franchise by taking it in an entirely different direction.

We all lost and now Blomkamp has lost interest in even pursuing the idea if it was offered again:

“Yeah, I mean, I wish I could share more, but obviously Fox owns it. It’s just an unfortunate thing. I speak to Sigourney about it sometimes. At this point, it’s kinda like the fire that was burning within me to make that is gone. Stepping outside of even the legal kind of studio-based politics I just feel like its time has come and gone. So, yeah…I think no. And I say that really reluctantly because I cannot state how much of a fan of Sigourney I am and how much of a fan I am of ALIEN and ALIENS and the idea of doing a sequel to James Cameron’s film is amazing on all levels. But, there’s a point at which when you’re years into it you have to move on. So, I think that has happened to me.”

Maybe with Scott having becoming wishy-washy on what to do with Xenomorphs, AI, and not being able to pull off a successful movie in his last two outings of the franchise, Fox could change course and bring Blomkamp back on board. Possibly someone at Disney is a huge ‘Alien’ fan and can woo him into doing the film once the studio is picked up.

Daydreaming aside, this is a film that will likely never see the light of day.

Are you sad that Neill Blomkamp no longer feels “the fire that was burning within” to create the movie? Do you think Disney would even be supportive of it when they finish the Fox buyout? Share your thoughts below!

Source: JoBlo