Solo: A Star Wars Story

With the premiere date of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ looming ever closer, fans are wondering more and more just what happened exactly behind the scenes of the latest chapter in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, and what, if any, remnants from Phil Lord and Chris Miller remain in Ron Howard’s final product. Lucky for us all, during a recent interview, Ron Howard attempted to set the record straight, at least as far as the contributions of Lord and Miller, talking about how their work is still all over the film, as well as sharing his own thoughts on what happened between the original directors and Lucasfilm.

In Howard’s words:

“If ever there was a completely honest version of creative differences, this is it. I didn’t witness any of it. I came in, just picked up and went. I’m very grateful for much of the work [Lord and Miller] did. Yes, we took some of the sequences in different directions and experimented with them and there’s a great deal of myself in the movie now. But their fingerprints are all over it in ways that I’m very grateful for.”

At the end of the day, production design, costume design, casting, scripting, all of this was done long before Howard came on board, and with the recent news that the script was not changed for the reshoots, it makes sense that Howard’s job was just to tweak and enhance what Lord and Miller had already done, giving it his own style and polish, making this a truly collaborative process.

Of course, whether or not that worked and what we see up on the big screen will feel like a cohesive story worthy of ‘Star Wars’ is anyone’s guess, but I’m thinking Howard knows what he is doing, and will make sure the film is the best it can be, especially if his name is attached.

What are your thoughts on the film, and the kind of hybrid directing of shots that happened? Do you think we could end up with something truly special up on screen? Or will this be another ‘Justice League’ situation? Sound off below with your opinion!

Source: Empire