Rampage dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson was not a fan of how ‘Rampage‘ was originally meant to end, so much so that before it was changed, the actor was ready to walk off the set and not take part in the film which has been tearing up the box office.

Naturally, a huge spoiler follows so if you haven’t seen ‘Rampage’ yet, you should head back now.

The revelation that Johnson almost quit the movie came in a recent profile where he was talking about the first script read:

“So the script comes in, and I’m reading it and at the end of it – George dies! I’m like, ‘No. Did I miss something? George can’t be dead.’ But I go back, and yeah.”

No one wants to see a beloved animal die in a film and this rule doesn’t apply to just cats and dogs! Part of the point of the movie is that audiences need to create an emotional connection to this giant CGI gorilla that becomes supersized and killing it off at the end not only ruins sequel potential but leaves things off on a huge downer.

Johnson wasn’t buying into it and argued with the producers, studios, and even director Brad Peyton about how the film should end:

“I don’t like a sad ending. Life brings that shit – I don’t want it in my movies. When the credits roll, I want to feel great…We had a big meeting where they gave me all the reasons they thought George should die. He sacrifices himself saving the world. Killing these animals who had ill intentions to harm mankind. He sacrifices himself like a brave soldier. OK. But this is a movie! There’s a crocodile the size of a football stadium – we’re not making Saving Private Ryan.”
“My problem is I have a relationship with an audience around the world. For years I’ve built a trust with them that they’re gonna come to my movies and feel good. So every once in a while, you have to drop this card, which is: You’re gonna have to find another actor. We need to figure something out, otherwise, I’m not gonna do the movie.”

Johnson has clearly wanted to make feel-good movies for years now and being able to use his status to make sure that happens feels like a worthwhile endeavor. Many moviegoers check out films at the box office to leave in high spirits and avoid tragedies, so it is refreshing to see a star push for this as an agenda.

Are you glad that Johnson was able to have the ending of ‘Rampage’ changed to end on a feel-good note or do you feel that George’s sacrifice would have made for a stronger closing scene? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film