Since no 80s property can be left alone without a reboot, we’ve just learned that the new take on ‘Gremlins’ that Chris Columbus has been involved with is likely a new take on these classic characters. He is currently working on the film through his production company 1492 Pictures and, while nothing is official, it sounds like there is a lot of progress happening on it.

The information stemmed from a request for an update on ‘Goonies 2’ which Columbus said there has been some difficulty in getting that moving forward but did offer an update with ‘Gremlins’:

“… we are actively talking about that. So that’s what I am working on with my production company 1492 Pictures.”

The immediate follow-up question was if it would be a reboot where he sadly answered:

“It will almost definitely be a reboot.”

The absolute only reason I am open to Columbus working on a reboot of this classic is that he was responsible for writing the original 1984 classic as well. While I’m not stoked for a reboot, if anyone is allowed to tackle recreating this iconic work for modern times, I think we can all agree that Columbus is the man that should be able to pull it off.

It was mentioned that the original film was timeless and that is something Columbus strives for in much of his work stating:

“You are a product of the time you shoot the movie, so there are a few things that give away what year it was. But there is a timeless quality, which starts with the story, which you know has an emotional connection to the audience that you know will continue through generations. But then there is production design, visual design, and making sure that it is appealing. There is a certain appeal to those films that helps to retain a certain freshness.”

As a massive fan of the original ‘Gremlins,’ I can only hope that Columbus can capture the magic once again if production does indeed go forward.

Would you be open to ‘Gremlins’ being rebooted at the hands of the original creator of the film? Do you think that a new story would be fitting for these creatures? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Metro