Charlize Theron Max Max Furiosa

While we might not be getting any ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘ sequels while the current lawsuit is going on, that is the exact movie which Charlize Theron would love to be involved in! Specifically, she’d love a spinoff all about her character ‘Furiosa’ and what could happen next in her life. It isn’t even clear if she’d want Mad Max in the movie though I don’t think he’d be a requirement for the film.

During a press junket for ‘Tully, the actress was able to share her desire to return to the role once again:

“I hope so. I love that character I loved working with George Miller and if he was ever on board, yeah. I mean, I would be in right from the beginning. With him (George Miller) it’s kind of like working with Jason Reitman. I wouldn’t even need to see a script, I trust him that much, and it’s great when you have that with a filmmaker.”

I think we’d all love for Warner Bros. to pay George Miller over lost earnings and it is surprising that the studio which is so focused on creating cinematic universes and franchises is stalling on a huge moneymaker.

The story of Furiosa could have a bright future after taking over The Citadel as we were introduced to all of the local communities but didn’t have a chance to explore any of them. We could see her overseeing the new city and remnants of the War Boys or, if any previous ‘Mad Max’ movie is any indication, see what happens after it had all fallen apart.

Would you be excited to see a ‘Furiosa’ spinoff to “Mad Max: Fury Road’ happen? Do you think George Miller would even be willing to continue working with Warner Bros. after having to go through this lawsuit? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant