deadpool 2

In a creative and interesting new marketing ploy, ‘Deadpool 2’ dropped 3 TV spots on Sunday night that, when combined, made up 1 “new” green band trailer for the upcoming anti-hero flick (sadly, I put “new” in quotation marks because most of the footage is rehashed from earlier trailers, but there is some new stuff in there, so that makes it slightly better.) They worked it out so the first spot dropped during the season finale of ‘The Walking Dead,’ the second spot aired during the season premiere of ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ and the third spot came out during the aftershow, ‘The Talking Dead.’ Check out all three of the trailers below from the movie’s Twitter feed:

Again, not too much in the way of new footage, but I like the way they did this, grabbing the attention of fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ though they missed an opportunity to do the zombie version of Deadpool from the comics (called “Headpool” as he is just the man’s severed head) but perhaps that would have taken a lot more planning.

Either way, the new trailer shows us a bit more footage of the X-Force team assembling, Deadpool’s motivations for protecting “the kid” from Cable, and some alternate takes of jokes heard in previous trailers, as clearly they are still fine-tuning things (all of which they can do since Reynold’s mouth is covered in the suit, meaning they can redub new jokes at any point in post-production).

What did you think of Sunday night’s marketing push? Would you like to see more movies try different approaches like this? Or did you think ‘Deadpool 2’ advertisements did not fit well with ‘The Walking Dead?’ Share your thoughts in the comments below!