Will Smith One Strange Rock

The National Geographic Channel has really been upping its programming lately, and this season one of their most spectacular series will now be making history on an astronomical proportion! Hosted by Will Smith, ‘One Strange Rock’ takes viewers on an extraordinary and unique journey about the wonders of planet Earth, but today, the network has its eyes pointed upwards and invites others to join them.

In a momentous event, Will Smith will be broadcasting live on Instagram today, Thursday, April 12, with NASA Astronaut Drew Feustel. While that may sound interesting enough, what makes this live video so extraordinary is that Dr. Feustel will be conversing with the host while he is still on the International Space Station! Beaming live from 250 miles above Earth, this will be the first ever live Instagram from a person orbiting in a space station.

The live stream will begin at 11:45 am ET/8: 45 am PT with @NatGeo on Instagram and end at 12:05 pm ET/9: 05 am PT. During this time, Smith will virtually join Dr. Feustel for a discussion about space, music and so much more! If you’ve been watching ‘One Strange Rock,’ then you’ll know this won’t be an event to miss as Smith’s narration on the series really makes the show worth watching. There’s no doubt that he’ll be bringing his signature enthusiasm to this Q&A session.

If you aren’t available to watch the broadcast, don’t’ worry as the footage will be available after it ends.

So set your watches and head over to @NatGeo on Instagram because in T minus 2 hours and 45 minutes (since this post went live), you’ll get to virtually join astronaut Drew Feustel on the ISS!

Be sure to keep watching “One Strange Rock” on National Geographic, Mondays at 10/9c!

Source: National Geographic