A while back as Neil deGrasse Tyson makes his debut on the National Geographic Channel bringing his popular podcast ‘Star Talk’ to the small screen, he stopped by ‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore’ to debunk some conspiracy theories.

Wilmore, along with panelists Robin Thede and Mike Cannon, discussed popular conspiracies, notably the idea that the moon landing was faked.

Tyson managed to discredit moon landing truthers using both scientific knowledge and general common sense.

On whether we actually made it to the moon, Tyson had this to say:

“You can look at the Saturn V rocket, which got us to the moon and back, and calculate how much fuel is in there, and watch the thing take off, and ask yourself: Where the hell do you think this is going? There’s enough fuel to get you to the moon, and stuff left over to come back. It’s not just going down to the grocery store – it’s a Saturn V rocket.”

Makes sense.

However, many conspiracy theorists believe that the footage of the moon landing was filmed on a sound stage (possibly even directed by Stanley Kubrick). One piece of evidence they cite is that the American flag waves in the wind on a location — the moon — that’s supposed to have no air.

Tyson responded, “Since there is no air on the moon, anything set into motion – because they set up the flag, and he’s holding it and (then) lets go, the flag flips back and forth, and it doesn’t slow down because there’s no air to slow it down.”

Wilmore and panelists continue to discuss other theories including the existence of aliens why they have an affinity towards anal probing.

Take a look at the clip here:

Source: RawStory