the magic order

If you’ve been wondering where Mark Millar was going to take his first major Netflix comic ‘The Magic Order‘ to then we’ve got details to share! While the original plan was for Netflix to just use his talents and work to create existing and new properties into shows and movies, they fully backed his comic initiative too and told him that “If you’re gonna do these as comics, get the best artists in the world on them.”

That is how he was able to get Olivier Coipel to illustrate ‘The Magic Order’ for him. Millar claims that “it’s the best artwork I’ve ever had” and for someone who has been in the business since he was 18 and has worked with some of the most talented artists in comics, this is enormous praise.

As to what we’ll be seeing in ‘The Magic Order’:

“The easiest way to describe it might be to say The Sopranos meets Harry Potter, a magical fantasy-crime thing. As a kid, I always used to rationalize the fact that there were no monsters (since nobody’s ever seen a monster or caught one on camera), with the idea that there are people who take care of this, and that’s why you never see it. So the idea is there’s a family of wizards who have been around for thousands of years and they take care of bad stuff. They live among us as stage magicians and other eccentric jobs during the day, but at night, they get together and take care of problems. It’ll look like The Sopranos in that their underworld lives alongside the real one; they could be our next-door neighbor and then do something spectacular. They take care of supernatural problems.”

I mean that idea sounds fun. There are some solid plot ideas for expanding into an entire world of fantastic creatures and abilities.

You can check out artwork from the upcoming book right here:

Honestly, I can see why he is claiming Coipel work might be “the best artwork” that he has ever had. It really does look stunning and the imagery and colors pop off the page.

Are you excited to read ‘The Magic Order’ when it is released? What do you think of the artwork for the comic? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly