Justice League Dark

Doug Liman is another great director in the increasing list of those who have abandoned DC’s live-action ‘Justice League Dark’ and is sharing a bit about the film that could have been. One key takeaway though is that he had no interest in bringing to the tables the groundwork which Guillermo Del Toro has already developed. That isn’t to say Liman’s take would have been bad but with how many were excited to see what Del Toro had in development, it could have pushed some fans away.

When asked if there were any comparisons which could be made between their takes on the material Liman shares:

“It was completely different. I may do these sort of big high concept movies, but I always choose projects where I see myself in them. There has to be a really personal connection to it. At the end of the day, I wasn’t gonna find myself in Del Toro’s version of Justice League Dark. I just wouldn’t see myself in that. That’s why I basically have to develop the things that I’m gonna make.”

For those who were hoping that some of Del Toro’s original inspirations were going to see the light of day, there might be a heavy sigh of relief that Doug Liman’s version didn’t happen. Of course, we still have no idea as to the current status of the film. As to how Warner Brothers are handling the DCEU we saw Liman responding extremely diplomatically:

“I have a long history at Warner Bros., and I think they’re an amazing studio.”

That was a very vague answer! I’m not sure if he really doesn’t have any negative thoughts on the franchise or didn’t want to burn any bridges. Either way, we all know that Liman’s future will likely continue to be a bright one.

It should be noted that Liman has stated that he would still be open to directing the film.

Would you have preferred Doug Liman or Guillermo Del Toro to be in the director’s chair for ‘Justice League Dark’? Do you feel that the movie could still see the light of day or should we just settle on having the animated feature film to enjoy? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Geek