For eagle-eyed watchers who know the show well, it was not that surprising to learn that the new trailer for the hit HBO series ‘Westworld’ has a secret code embedded within. The code leads to another new video about the 2nd season, this one all about the vaunted “Delos” company from the show. However, the video makes it clear that not all is well with Delos following the events of Season 1 of ‘Westworld,’ as the video keeps glitching out, and as it does, we get flashes of some disturbing imagery from Season 2, some of which has been captured below.

Even more intriguing, at the end of the video is the text “XOMEGACH” which you can then take over to the Delos Website and type it into a LOGIN box in the upper right hand corner, which takes you to yet another viral video site, with the image of a blue door. Click on the door, and you are in an empty white room which you can look around in until you discover another hidden video, this one a lot simpler, just basic text addressed to the character Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson’s Delos exec from Season 1) and the directive “Find Peter Abernathy.” Which hints that the host who started Season 1 as Peter Abernathy (aka Dolores’s father), who Charlotte uploaded data to smuggle out of the park at the end of the 1st season, is clearly going to be very important in Season 2.

Anyways, check out the first video for yourself below, and the screenshots of the glitches below that:


This freeze frame below clearly shows a lot of dead (I’m assuming human) bodies around the big virtual map of Westworld, hinting that the humans do not fair well even in HQ after the Host uprising.


No one is exactly sure who this new character, but judging by the noose around his neck, he might not last all that long on the series…


This is our first look at new character James Delos (played by James Mullen), the founder of Delos, who appears to be slicing up his own face, not a good sign for the man going into his first season on the show…


This disturbing image appears to be train tracks laid down with human bodies instead of wood, most likely a design chosen by the Hosts making the most use of the surplus of bodies they suddenly have at their disposal following their revolt.


And lastly, a rather unnerving shot of one of the new host drones cracking his neck very unnaturally. And for anyone still unclear on what the new “host drones” could mean, here’s what show-runner/ creator Jonathan Nolan told EW in an interview a few weeks ago:

“The drone hosts relate to the corporation’s secret project which is hidden in plain sight in this park. As we talked about in the pilot, the park is one thing for the guests, and it’s another thing for its shareholders and management — something completely different. We’ve used the Google analogy — for consumers, it’s for search and email, yet for the company, it’s for advertising. There is an agenda here that Delos has undertaken for a very long time. As Bernard is making his way through the wreckage of the fallout from the first season, he’s discovering things about the park that even he doesn’t know and coming upon creatures like the drone host.”

What are your thoughts on all these strange videos and images? Any new theories on Season 2 you want to share? Feel free to post anything you want in the comments below!

Source: /film