Quite a few have wondered if Mark Millar might ever return to pen another story for Marvel or DC as he is responsible for iconic runs for both, but that doesn’t look like it’ll happen. The creator has been pretty busy ever since Netflix snatched up the Millarworld Universe and now Millar doesn’t have time or interest in either! This isn’t too surprising with how large of a deal was made for him to commit to the streaming service.



With multiple new shows and comics in development for the studio, he doesn’t have all that much free time, to begin with. Now, there is always a possibility that years down the road we could see him slip a story into one of the companies as a one-off but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it happening.

For Marvel, he was responsible for working on ‘The Ultimates’ on Marvel’s Ultimate line which was clearly the inspiration for The Avengers that we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On top of that, he also penned the “Civil War” mini-series which may or may not have inspired a certain ‘Captain America: Civil War’ film. I wouldn’t say that his ‘Ultimate X-Men’ was a guiding hand for Fox, but no one can deny that threads from ‘Old Man Logan’ helped inspire the farewell to Hugh Jackman which we witnessed in ‘Logan.’

As for his work at DC, he was involved in a slew of projects but ‘Superman: Red Son’ was likely his stand out book and has recently been rumored to be a potential feature film adaptation.

Millar is best when he has creative control over a property, so it isn’t surprising that he loves his new work. Fans of his writing might have still hold out hope that he would one day have returned to one of the Big Two.

Are you sad that we’ll likely never see Mark Millar pen another DC or Marvel comic? Did you really think there was still a chance it could happen after Netflix had purchased his company? Share your thoughts below!