Over on DC Comics website the description for Green Lantern: New Guardians looks a little like this: “Kyle Rayner has assembled the most powerful team in all the universe, selected from the full spectrum of corps. But can he even keep this volatile group together?”

One would be lead to believe the first book would be spent either putting the team together or at the very least an assembled team already in place. Alas, no. New Guardians starts with Oa in shambles and a pile of dead Guardians.

In this book we are treated to Kyle Rayner (sans Nine Inch Nails shirt) receiving a Green Lantern ring from Ganthet in an ally behind a bar, while answering nature’s call. It’s a take on his actual origin, but then I’m confused. Is this book in the future? Because the carnage on Oa certainly would remind Green Lantern fans of when Hal Jordan went all Parallax mad and killed the Guardians and most of the Green Lantern Corps.

Here is what I liked about this book… watching Lanterns of other Corps in various states of battle or patrol suddenly have their ring’s “decommissioned” and rerouted to Sector 2814. It was like watching Parallax tearing across the galaxy towards Oa leaving nothing but dead or dying de-ringed Green Lanterns in his wake.

I also really liked Tyler Kirkham, Batt and Nei Ruffino’s art in this issue. There is a real sense of of the epic scale of what will eventually transpire in this book. Plus I really like the way  they draw Kyle Rayner. He doesn’t just have a non-traditional Green Lantern uni, he has his own look and style. It was a lot of fun to see citizens he was saving compare him to Hal Jordan.

So, other than the confusion about where this book stands in continuity of the New 52 and the misinformation about the theme of this first book, there is a lot to build on for the story. Of the 4 Green Lantern Universe books currently out, New Guardians is by far off to the weakest start. That’s not to say it doesn’t have potential, but as far as first issues go if you miss this one you won’t have missed much of what should make this book interesting. The final splash page is beautiful and dire and promises Kyle will be in for the fight of his life with some very angry ring slingers.

Green Lantern New Guardians #1
Writer: Tony Bedard
Penciler: Tyler Kirkham
Inker: Batt
Colorist: Nei Ruffino
Cover by: Kirkham, Batt & Rod Reis