Stranger Things

While it is unlikely that Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ will kill off any of the child actors, we know that at least one other fan-favorite on the show is safe! Executive Producer Shawn Levy recently shared that one of his favorite characters on the show is going to end up being involved as long as he is.

While talking about the third season of ‘Stranger Things,’ Levy shared:

“Honestly, the day Steve Harrington dies is the day I walk off this show. I just can’t live in a world without Steve Harrington. And I think a lot of us feel that way. . . . Steve is safe — at least for now. And you need to say like, ‘Shawn’s voice dropped an octave sounding weirdly spooky about it.'”

That has to be great news for actor Joe Kerry who plays Steve. I think after he became everyone’s favorite dad for the group in the second season he almost had to survive.

However, while Steve might be safe, we’ve already seen him beaten pretty badly and with his fantastic hair being such a strong trait of the character, you have to wonder if it will be safe as well.

Of course, this could all be an elaborate ruse where Levy is setting up Steve to be safe to break every viewer’s heart when he meets his demise early. My money is on Steve being a character who ends up on the show for the long haul.

Are you happy to hear that Steve Harrington will be a character that continues on ‘Stranger Things’ for the foreseeable future? Do you think that he still has room to grow on the series or has he fallen into a role that will continue from now on? What future wisdom when it comes to women will he impart on Dustin? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Line