The excitement continues to build for DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ which is set to premiere in less than a month on the CW. Continuing to build on their marketing campaign, the CW has recently released a new trailer for the show, which showcases more of the personalities and attitude of the main characters, reminding us that there are both heroes and villains on the team, all of them outcasts.

The first footage and trailers we had seen released were much more intent on explaining the twisty time-travel plot of the show, and setting up Vandal Savage as the main villain, focusing very little on the actual “legends,” so it was nice to see all of the actors showcased in this latest spot. We definitely get a better sense of the kind of mishaps and mischief a group of 8 outcast heroes and villains can get into while on a mission through time, with the trailer especially showcasing the violent glee of Caity Lotz’s White Canary, and Rip Hunter’s attempt to maintain control over the group. Also showcased is a new villain we have not seen before, described by Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold) as “Boba Fett.” The character definitely looks menacing and imposing, with a costume that to my mind resembles less the formidable ‘Star Wars’ bounty hunter and more some kind of futuristic version of either Deathstroke or Deadshot.

While the trailer may not feel as cinematic as the one that came before, it definitely goes a long way in getting me pumped for ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ to see how all of these crazy pieces are going to fit together, and somehow make up not only a team, but a show worthy of its predecessors. What are your thoughts on the new trailer (check it out below)? Are you excited for ‘Legends of Tomorrow?’ Share your opinions in the comments below!

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will premiere on Thursday, January 21, 2016 on the CW.

Source: IGN