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First of all, we’re talking the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ here people, so be aware, SPOILERS AHEAD. Stop here if you want to go into that final season spoiler free!

Moving on, our friends over at Watchers On The Wall have been diligently reporting on any and all activity regarding the filming of the final season of ‘Game of Thrones,’ and the latest bit of news from the set is very intriguing. Shot by a fan on a very long lens getting footage of a White Walker army being filmed against a green screen, he seems to have spotted a detail that may have some very important ramifications for the final season, especially for Daenerys, who has already lost one of her dragons to the White Walker army. The photos below show an army of White Walkers, but the odd thing is that it also shows a number of people wearing green VFX suits riding horses amongst the army.

You may be thinking, “well we’ve seen mounted White Walkers before,” but let me explain. The White Walkers we have seen on horses before have been the Masters of the army, the head-honchos (see photo above), and those guys are not wearing green VFX suits, they are created in full costumes with make-up and prosthetics. The green suits are used for the Wights, the parts of the army with more decay burned marks, missing body parts, and/or desecration that can only be realistically created and animated using CGI. And we have never seen one of the wights riding a horse (at least according to the theory being put forth over at Watchers On the Wall.)

Game of Thrones

So why are there suddenly Wights riding horses? The BIG theory is that these Wights are actually resurrected Dothraki, brought into the White Walker army after a battle with Daenerys’s armies earlier in the season, which would now put Dani in the awful position of having to both fight her dragon and some of her own people. It would certainly make sense as every other army that has fought the White Walkers has had their dead join the Night King. They would be most comfortable riding horses and having some cavalry on his side would certainly help the Night King in his war on the living, especially if he continued to go up against Daenerys and what remained of her Dothraki horde (unless the majority of them were taken down in that first encounter with the White Walkers).

It is somewhat interesting and somewhat a sad food for thought, but I would expect nothing less from ‘Game of Thrones,’ especially as we head into the final season of the series.

What are your thoughts on Wights on Horses? Do you agree they are most like dead Dothraki? Or do you have another theory? Feel free to share any ideas you have in the comments below!