If you’ve always wanted ‘The Predator’ to be in 3D then you’re in luck as the next installment in the franchise will be! Shane Black’s new take on the films is currently having some reshoots done to accurately capture the footage needed to make 3D happen.

There are a slew of scenes that could be fun to see in 3D though the idea of Edward James Olmos doing something heroic in the format could be fun too. It is something that ‘Battlestar Galactica’ fans would really appreciate!

We know that the movie wasn’t initially shot in 3D but as Black has proven with ‘Iron Man 3‘ he has no problems in doing a post-conversion into the format to make it work.

The news came from co-writer Fred Dekker who is currently working on “touch-ups” on the film in Vancouver. Here is the pic he shared while on set!

While this clearly reads as touch-ups, if you dig through the comments one of the fans asked if they had plans to release the movie in 3D and Dekker’s response was “Yes.”

I wonder if they’ll find a way to have the Predator’s targeting laser show up in 3D and scan across the audience in the theater? I feel that is a moment which would have to show up in the film.

Another comment let us know that “a teaser trailer will be coming soon” and while he didn’t define what “soon” meant, we could finally be able to see some footage and start to get an idea if this is a must see or not.

Are you looking forward to Shane Black’s take on ‘The Predator’? Does the idea of seeing this in 3D make you want to head to the theater more or do you prefer 2D or to wait for a home release? Share your thoughts below!

You can hunt for a screening of ‘The Predator’ in your local theaters on September 14th, 2018!