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Joss Whedon’s space opera ‘Firefly’ floundered at FOX during its one and only season way back in 2002, but fans have remained faithful and have held out hope against hope that somehow, in some way, that the series would make a comeback.  While there is no word on that happening, star Nathan Fillion will return in his familiar brown duster (which led to fans being called “Browncoats”) and the rest of his Captain Mal Reynolds ensemble for two guest appearances on the ABC sitcom ‘American Housewife’.  He will be playing himself, but it appears that the episodes tease him filming a new, fictitious iteration of ‘Firefly’.

ABC released a behind-the-scenes photo via Twitter of Fillion in full Browncoat regalia, embracing the show’s stars Katy Mixon and Meg Donnelly.


Fillion himself took to Instagram to release a more up close image of Captain Tightpants’ tight pants, with the suitable caption “Tight, but ‘like a glove’ tight. Seems… right.”

Tight, but “like a glove” tight. Seems… right. #americanhousewife

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He then followed that with several geek-gasmic behind-the-scenes images from the set of ‘American Housewife’:

Oh, yeah. Things are really starting to fall into place. #americanhousewife

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A lot of this is aftermarket. #americanhousewife #firefly #mal

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‘Firefly’ may have only lasted one season, but Fillion went on to much greater success on ABC, starring for eight seasons on the hit series ‘Castle’.  So his popping up on an ABC sitcom was probably no sweat since he already has an established, amicable relationship with the network.

An actual ‘Firefly’ revival will probably never happen and Fillion himself has expressed that he is satisfied with the way thing were left.  But this should be a fun nod to fans.

Since Fillion is currently filming his guest appearances, it will probably be some time before they actually air.  But you can keep an eye out for them.

‘American Housewife’ airs on ABC on Wednesday nights at 9:30pm EST.