Pearl Mackie as Bill  Doctor Who

Whovians must have fallen into the “Nice” category, after patiently sitting through 2016 with no new episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ save the annual Christmas special, which airs tonight.  Not only do fans get the only new ‘Who’ adventure of the year, but a teaser for the upcoming tenth season, which kicks off in the spring, as well as the debut of Pearl Mackie as Bill, the Doctor’s newest companion, following the departure of Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) last season.

In fact, Bill is the focus of the clip as she narrates it, revealing that she serves chips (those are French Fries to us Americans) at what appears to be the Coal School, the same establishment where Clara worked and the setting for the new ‘Who’ spinoff ‘Class’.  She also reveals that upon her joining up with the Doctor (played by Peter Capaldi in what is likely his final season), she sees “things differently.”  She also sees things she’s never seen before, specifically Daleks!

Check out the new trailer below:

After Season Nine, which could be a bit of a downer, it appears that the show is going for a more lighthearted approach for Season Ten, which also marks the final for long-running showrunner Steven Moffat.  And from the looks of things in this clip, Bill plays a big role in brightening things up.  (Literally and figuratively, as she dresses like she ransacked a mall in 1984.)

Ratings have been down for ‘Doctor Who’ so this could be something of a relaunch in hopes of bringing back departed fans as well as hopefully picking up some new viewers who have yet to take their first trip aboard the TARDIS.

Beyond that, the clip is very brief and is made up of clips that don’t spoil anything but also don’t give many hints as to what upcoming episodes could be about.  And an official air date isn’t given beyond “spring.”

But so far, what do you think of the new clip?  Are you intrigued to see things differently, through the eyes of Bill?