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It seems unlikely at this point that Warner Bros. will ever release a Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’ to the disappointment of some DCEU fans but the director is sharing more details about the film. In this round, Zach Snyder has shares images from scenes which Joss Whedon had cut from the movie. While there isn’t a lot of new ground here, a key takeaway for fans, who wanted to see Iris West, is that there was a shot of Kiersey Clemons as the character included in this batch.

These aren’t quite as intense as the deleted scene of Superman checking out a black suit but are still fun to take a look at.

First up we have a shot of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. Now, we’ve already heard quite a few comparisons between this take on Allen and Peter Parker, but this image seems to amplify that quite a bit.


Next up is the Clemons picture of her in character as Iris West. Much as Aquaman’s supporting cast was cut from having minor screentime that didn’t move the plot forward; the same reason was given for Clemons lack of inclusion as well. However, the scene which included her would have had The Flash saving her from a car wreck and potentially being the first time these two met on screen.


The two great women in Superman’s lives were supposed to have some time together in the film as we’ve learned that Martha Kent and Lois Lane were to have a meeting on Kent Farm. A shot of this actually ended up being released by Warner Bros. just a couple of day’s before the movie’s release. Oops.


Another instance of a cutscene had Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry in the back of a pickup truck sporting a jacket. It isn’t clear where or when in the timeline this could have possibly taken place, and it is unlikely we’ll ever learn the truth about the scene.


So there you have it, folks, a few of the scenes from the Snyder Cut which will never see the light of day. As to how they all played into the story, we have a few hints but not all of the details.

Which of these scenes do you wish had actually been part of ‘Justice League’? Are you in the Snyder or Whedon camp for how the film ended up? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Batman News