The witcher

Fans of the smash hit video game series ‘The Witcher’ have been dying to hear more about the upcoming Netflix series based off of both the games and books. Today, we’ve got an update to share with you straight from the series writer Lauren S. Hissrich. Tackling Andrzej Sapkowski‘s novels will be a huge task, and we’re quite excited to see how it turns out.

The update confirms not only that Geralt will be the central character for the series but that the initial pilot script has been turned in! Clocking in at 78 pages, it is currently with the creative team who are going over it to throw in some suggestions for changes before it heads up to get past the pre-production stage.

Here are the details which she has shared on Twitter so far:


Oh, and she also has a timeline from pitch to where we are today that you should get a kick out of!





She also included some fun details that you’ll love to hear. First off, a character confirmation:


Secondly, she also confirmed that they are concerned more about quality and aren’t shoehorning anything in to meet specific dates:


I think that last statement is what I am most excited for here. We’ll be getting a quality adaptation if that holds true and not something rushed.

Also, as a bonus, this doesn’t confirm a character which will be in the Netflix adaptation but does hint that Yarpen could be included if Lauren has him on her mind!


Are you looking forward to ‘The Witcher’? Are you happy with how open Lauren has been with the creative process without still giving us any solid details? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider