Mute Duncan Jones

We’re days away from the release of ‘Mute‘ and Duncan Jones (‘Moon’,’Warcraft’) shares why working with Netflix was such a pleasant experience for him. Sure, we’ve had to wait years for the movie to actually be released but at least for the director, it has been a blessing for those who aren’t fans of the current theatrical-distribution model.

With the vastly mixed reception we saw for ‘Warcraft,’ it is no wonder that Jones is enjoying a different style of release for his upcoming cinematic outing. According to Jones:

“The weird thing about doing the Netflix film, obviously is it’s not really about opening nights or opening weekend numbers. It’s really about, ‘Have I made a film that good word of mouth is going to help?’ That’s kind of where I’m at right now. And it’s a very different feeling because that opening weekend sort of stress is not really… it doesn’t really exist in the same way for this.”

With early visuals having the sci-fi crowd eager to see more of this noir cyberpunk thriller this kind of a reaction seems to make a lot of sense. Also, it will likely be just the type of movie that would stand out for Netflix viewers. Another major bonus is that with Netflix putting the film out, you don’t have to worry about a marketing department, or say tie-in toys, dropping major spoilers from a movie:

“I think there is something kind of cool about there being movies now that you may not know about. That someone will tell you about and you’d be, ‘I never heard of that. I didn’t know about that movie.’ Because we’re so used to being absolutely beaten over the head with marketing in the weeks running up to a theatrical opening. That’s kind of how the studios do it now, because they need the opening weekends to be massive and they’re making movies for four quadrants. And that’s kind of what they do now. With Netflix, and this different approach of actually curating movies for more specific audiences, it’s kind of this whole new approach to it now.”

It is quite rare these days to go into a movie and not have at least some sense of the major beats of the film ahead of time.

As a bonus to fans of Jones’ film ‘Moon,’ ‘Mute’ will have a “loose tie” to that movie so keep an eye out!

Are you looking forward to Duncan Jones’ ‘Mute’? Do you agree with why he is excited about releasing through Netflix? Share your thoughts below!

‘Mute’ will be available to stream on Netflix on February 23rd, 2018!

Source: Cinema Blend