Toy Fair 2018: Sonic Speeds To Diamond Select

You’ve gotta go fast!

Our friends at Diamond Select Toys have dropped a massive announcement just ahead of New York Toy Fair 2018 with the reveal of an all new license that will be spreading across a number of their already fantastic product lines! Diamond Select Toys will soon have Sonic The Hedgehog and his fast friends speeding into your collection with a variety of new items including Minimates customizable block figures, Vinimates stylized vinyl figures, Gallery PVC dioramas, and PVC mini-figures that will even include collect-and-connect race tracks for all of the Sonic action!

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait a few days to actually see some of these figures and collectibles on site at New York Toy Fair 2018, but it’s still a super exciting reveal for fans of the classic video game franchise! Check out the full release from Diamond Select Toys below!

In 1991, the SEGA game Sonic The Hedgehog introduced a new hero to the video game world. Fast, blue and full of attitude, Sonic became a superstar, and went on to star in dozens of games over his 27-year history. Now, Diamond Select Toys has teamed with SEGA to create a line of high-quality Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles for fans young and old!

The first products will be on display at the International Toy Fair in New York City, with a focus on the core Sonic characters — the speedy hedgehog Sonic, the energetic Amy, Tails the two-tailed flying fox,  Knuckles the powerful Echidna, Shadow the anti-hero hedgehog, Metal Sonic the evil robot hedgehog, and the mustachioed mastermind Dr. Eggman. Product categories include Gallery PVC dioramas, Minimates block figures, Vinimates vinyl figures and PVC mini-figures with collect-and-connect racetracks.

“It’s an honor and a challenge to develop products based a world with such a long history and distinctive style,” said Diamond Select Toys president Chuck Terceira. “The Sonic Universe has so many possibilities that we are excited to explore – in our established categories, like Vinimates, Minimates and Gallery PVCs, but also the PVC mini-figure category, which we are diving into for the first time!”

Diamond Select Toys expects to have their first Sonic products on the market by holiday 2018 and plans to offer them to retailers beginning this month. Gallery PVC dioramas are approximately 9-inch scale sculpted statues, made of PVC for its durability and lower price point. Vinimates are posed, 4-inch block-style figures, and Minimates are 2-inch, fully poseable block figures that recently celebrated their 15th anniversary.

There are two big things we’re taking away from this right out of the gate. One, is that we don’t know exactly which era of the ‘Sonic’ franchise’s extensive twenty-seven year history these products will be based on yet. They could be based on the earlier games in the franchise, some of the newest games, or even somewhere in between! The other thing we noticed is that there is no mention of a Sonic ‘Select’ line, which is kind of a bummer because they would probably be an amazing series to collect! It’s entirely possible that those are coming down the pipeline later and just haven’t been announced yet, but only time will really tell!

What other Sonic The Hedgehog products do you want to see coming our way from Diamond Select? Let us know in the comments below!

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