John Carpenter

With a resume that includes ‘Halloween’, ‘The Thing‘, and ‘They Live’, among countless others, John Carpenter could have retired decades ago with an ironclad legacy. Although the now seventy-year-old horror master hasn’t helmed a movie since 2010’s ‘The Ward’, he has been nothing if not active. Since that time he has notably focused on his musical endeavors and most recently contributed to David Gordon Green’s upcoming ‘Halloween’ reboot/sequel.

While it’s been eight years since ‘The Ward’ (which itself was preceded by a nearly decade-long break following ‘Ghosts of Mars’), Carpenter hasn’t quite left the director’s chair behind just yet. Not only did he recently helm a music video for his them from ‘Christine’, but it was recently announced that he will be directing the pilot episode of the upcoming Syfy series ‘Tales for a Halloween Night’. That announcement, in turn, made clear that Carpenter hadn’t ruled out directing additional episodes of the anthology series, which is based on his eponymous comic book project.

So he’s certainly keeping busy. But what about films of his own? It seems that the horror auteur has yet to close that door either. Speaking to Mick Garris on the Post Mortem Podcast, Carpenter remarked on his recent music video experience:

“Last fall, I went out and made a music video for ‘Christine’… it was fun, I loved getting out there and doing it. It was so much fun.”

Garris then asked if this meant Carpenter was interested in making another movie. The director’s reply was cagey, but exciting: “Sure, if it’s right. Maybe. [I’m] working on a couple ideas.” Of filmmaking, Carpenter added “I love it… even the pain of it.”

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