Good Omens

Neil Gaiman has teased a fun new minor detail from his upcoming release of ‘Good Omens.’ It seems that Hell has some very entertaining motivational posters. With the Apocalypse coming, it is clear that Hell wants all of its citizens in top form and these signs are just the way to do it. This doesn’t give us much in the way of real teases but just shows the exact kind of subtle humor that Gaiman and Terry Pratchett were going for when penning the original novel.

Here is a before shot of one of the posters from Instagram:

And here we see it hanging up on a wall in Hell:

Gaiman also shared quite a few others which had gone up on the walls as well!

I absolutely love that Gaiman took the time to create the text for all of these signs by himself. Not only as one of the authors but as the showrunner where he needs every detail to be just right. The more I am seeing of his work and teases for the series the more excited I get!

As a bonus, the author also shared some of the great comments on the posters that tended to have one common factor among them:

So remember folks, the one thing you can best take away from all of this outside of a laugh is:

Are you looking forward to Amazon bringing us ‘Good Omens’? Do you feel that this is exactly the kind of motivational posters which Hell would have on its walls? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Nail Gaiman’s Twitter and Instagram