Sony Pictures Teams With Wizard World To Bring Us New Comic-Inspired Films!

When Sony Pictures Entertainment isn’t hinting that they might soon be up for sale, it looks like they’ve got some great ideas up their sleeves and one of them is a new partnership with Wizard World to develop original comic movies! Fans of comic conventions know that Wizard World is one of the biggest players in the game with 15 conventions run each year. This initiative could be a great way for Sony Pictures Entertainment to find an in with creative teams which aren’t part of the larger publishers as of yet.

This partnership will have both companies working together to find new talent from these conventions and develop the comics into “various media” which like means comics and television shows.

According to Sony Pictures Consumer Marketing executive VP, brand strategy, and global partnerships Jeffrey Godsick:

“You’re not necessarily sure where the next great IP is going to come from. When you go into an Artists’ Alley or see the booths, you realize there is a lot of good work out there. Wizard World has a credibility in that world and with their help, we will have access and insight that is rare.”

The studio is thinking outside of the box here and if this ends up finding a hit or two could be a big payday for everyone involved as they wouldn’t have to cut a major publisher in.

Wizard World CEO John D. Maatta added:

“You will be see all sorts of people that you don’t see in Los Angles. Gold is where you find it. The fandom is alive and vibrant all across America. And the large media companies are finally seeing it.”

There is a lot of talent out there to be discovered, and for those who are feeling superhero fatigue from the mainstream outlets, this could be a breath of fresh air into the genre. That being said, this isn’t a process which has been thoroughly mapped out yet and will likely start with pitch sessions of some sort.

Jonathan Kadin, executive VP production for Sony Pictures who is helping to develop these projects shared:

“We are always looking for new ways to find that next generation of great IP. This deal gives us unique access to the incredible talent that Wizard World can bring to the table, putting us in a prime position to find the stories that break through the clutter.”

I’m eager to see what kind of film and television properties might take root from this. The very idea is a great way to expand the voices of smaller and indie creatives that might usually be missed by wider audiences and is an exciting departure for what major motion picture studios typically do.

Do you feel that Sony Pictures and Wizard World teaming up is good or bad for smaller publishers and indies? Will this result in stunning new stories or just give us a fresh paint on the same type of tales which we’ve been getting over the last decade? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter