supernatural devils bargin

“Most of what we do are long shots…you get used to it.”

We’re at the halfway point of lucky Season 13 of Supernatural and it should come as no surprise that some major swerves come our way, the biggest of which involves a character that hasn’t been seen in years.

After escaping Asmodeus’s prison and Lucifer’s attempt to murder him, Castiel reunites with Sam and Dean at the Bunker. He gives the Winchesters the lowdown on the series of unfortunate events that befell him and the Morningstar over the past few weeks. Knowing about how to open the doorway to Alt-Earth, they trio brings in the prophet Donatello. Despite not having the angel tablet, they’re hoping that the demon tablet can act as a stand-in considering it is also the Word of God. The odds of this working aren’t too high but when you have no other options, those on the table will have to do.

It’s only a matter of time before the Morningstar has his full powers. Hail to the king, indeed.

But this week’s star is the one and only Lucifer. He is both the best part of the episode as well as the converging point for the narrative. After murdering a Cupid to steal the lower angel’s Grace, Lucifer eventually finds himself before Sister Jo, a faith healer who herself is an angel by the name of Anael. When he confronts her, Sister Jo’s fate appears to be sealed but she proves to be a smart one. Even before making a deal with Lucifer—never the best idea—the angel has set up shop as the healer, collecting cash as even an angel needs money and a place to stay. The funny thing is, her suggestion to Lucifer—take snippets of her Grace, let her recharge, then repeat—is a smart one. A creature of the now, Lucifer never would have come up with that himself. This new pairing is one that works as does Sister Jo’s plan. We only catch Lucifer feeding on her Grace a few times but each one seems to be a bit more intimate than the last. We even get the real Lucifer, opening up in a way we’ve not seen on Supernatural.

“I always wanted to fit in; please a father I couldn’t please. And now I’m gonna be a father…probably screw it up like He did.”

After the admission, Lucifer catches himself and I couldn’t help but wonder if Sister Jo was purposely seducing him. And while she may be doing just that, she’s still on his side, pulling a fast one on Cas and the Winchesters after the white hats track them down at a hotel. It’s only through Ketch’s interference that our trio escapes with their lives.

Yep, you read that right: Ketch is back and the former Men of Letters attack dog is skimming that line between dastardly and for the greater good.

I was a bit surprised how easily the trio was duped by Sister Jo’s “help me” act.

This is a guy who, above all things, is a survivor (not to mention sociopath) but also understands that a Lucifer dialed up to 11 is a very, very bad thing. My thought is that he also would love to help with Mary’s rescue but knows even mentioning her name to Sam and Dean would get a quick bullet to the head. Still, it’s great to have him back in the fold, playing the double agent for the home team, especially now because Asmodeus has his own double agent, tossing in some type of compulsion on Donatello to relay all research on opening a doorway back to him.

But let’s get to the biggest wildcards of the episode. First, Lucifer does something I would never have expected. He tracks down Duma and a half dozen other angels and strikes another bargain: in exchange for him making more angels and getting their wings back, they name him “Undisputed and Unquestioned Ruler of Heaven”. It’s a Faustian bargain if there ever was one but with their ranks dwindling and the threat of Asmodeus making a move against angel-kind, just like Sister Jo, Duma and the others see this as the only game in town. He gets his wish and, as the camera pans toward him sitting upon Heaven’s thrown, in a way only Mark Pelligrino can say it, “Hail to the king, baby.”

But the newly crowned ruler of Heaven better watch his back because Asmodeus may have just leveled the playing field by taking possession of the only thing able to kill an archangel—the Archangel Blade. The one caveat is that only an archangel can wield it. Turns out the sole remaining prince of Hell’s got that base covered too when he shows Ketch the imprisoned and bloodied form of Gabriel.

The Good, the Bad, the Supernatural

  • I’m not sure if there’s ever been an episode title more apropos than this week’s “Devil’s Bargain”. Not only did Lucifer make two mega-deals for himself but Cas and the Winchesters make one of their own, agreeing to a temporary truce with Ketch. The man’s a butcher but is great at his job, and he’s just plain fun to watch. His response to escaping the trunk after being captured—“I’m Ketch”—was priceless. It’s going to be a shame when he’s permanently removed from the board.
  • Back to Lucifer, the dynamic between he and Sister Jo is going to be a very interesting development to watch. After opening up to her, he tries convincing himself that, once he regains full power, these pockets of emotion he’s feeling will be gone. I’m not so sure about that.
  • “I was a so-so angel but, it turns out, I am an excellent businesswoman.” When she showed no real fear at facing Lucifer, I knew then that Sister Jo was no ordinary angel. She may have been a nobody in Heaven but her persona here is one of a survivor, nearly fearless. She has an agenda; I just wonder if Lucifer’s a bit to self-involved to see it.
  • While it’s great to see Gabriel back, he looks to be in terrible shape. My biggest question is how did Asmodeus get ahold of him and has a few years in quite literally a hellish prison broken him to the point of being at the prince’s command?