cloverfield paradox

The trio of ‘Cloverfield Universe’ films have been widely different and only tenuously interconnected – but that seems to be the exact approach that production overseer J.J. Abrams is going for.  The collection of films has many fans excited for the “off the beaten path” approach it’s taking, but others have become increasingly consternated with the whole process.

In a recent Facebook Q&A, however, Abrams did outline the ideas that were on the table – and potentially may still be – about working to create a more direct connection between the films, in the form of a “crossover” of sorts featuring characters from the different movies.  As Abrams said:

“We’ve talked about versions of things. When we did 10 Cloverfield Lane, we were thinking Michelle – the character Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays – it’s such a sort of weird origin story of this kind of incredibly, I think, awesome heroine. The idea of following her story is really cool. And then at one point, we were like, ‘You know what would be really cool? What if they crossed paths with Gugu [Mbatha-Raw]’s character Ava?’ You start to think of ‘what ifs.’ And I think the bigger ideas that we’ve had about where this thing goes haven’t necessarily been those ideas, but they’ve kind of been fun theoretical offshoots.”

It certainly seems that there’s still plenty of time to make ideas like this work, as the ‘Cloverfield’ Universe is still going strong, with a fourth installment due out later this year.  On our end, our review of the newest film, ‘The Cloverfield Paradox,’ was overall a positive one.   Read the full review here, with an excerpt reading as such:

“All in all, ‘The Cloverfield Project’ is certainly a pleasant surprise in how the film was presented to the world: no trailers for fanboys to pore over for months, no needless back and forth of “what will be in the movie” and “will it make sense.” Just a movie, presented as-is, to a rather unsuspecting public forum, and hoping that we enjoy it. …It didn’t necessarily break any amazing new ground or give any deep new Cloverfield-esque ideas to marinate on. For that, the film will displease some folks – and that’s perfectly understandable.”

‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.