black panther

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! DO NOT read on if you want to go into ‘Black Panther’ spoiler free without any idea of what is to come! You have been WARNED!

Alright, now that the movie has been seen by the press and is out in the world, with mostly positive reviews coming in, we are starting to get our first information about ‘Black Panther’ from those that have seen it, including information about those fascinating little post-credit scenes, which have been a hallmark of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception. And with ‘Black Panther’ being the final MCU film before we at long last arrive at ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ (you know, the culmination of 10-years of MCU film-making), it is exciting to think about what kind of teases the final scenes during the credits are going to have.

Final warning, stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Ok, so first off, the first teaser is more of an epilogue for ‘Black Panther’ itself, as it has T’Challa arriving at the UN and announcing that after the events of the film, Wakanda is officially going to come out of hiding and will start to share its highly advanced technology with the world. This may not seem much like a tease for the future, but with exactly how advanced Wakanda supposedly is, this could mean a much more technologically advanced future for the MCU (aka a little more sci-fi futuristic) than what we have seen before, where everything was a bit more contemporary. And perhaps they’re going to need that extra technology to rebuild after the coming ‘Infinity War’…

The second scene during the credits has the camera land in a small Wakandan village where Shuri arrives, telling the nearby children to stop playing by a small hut and leave, as she heads inside to speak to a now awaken Bucky Barnes. He still only has one arm, and she asks how he is doing, and he replies “much better now,” as she has apparently helped cleanse his mind from the Hydra programming. She then informs him that he has more things to learn, and they walk off into the distance, perhaps hinting that the scene takes place in the near future, and she has come to tell him about the arrival of Thanos, and he is being recruited to help in the efforts to stop the Mad Titan.

What are your thoughts on the post-credits scenes for ‘Black Panther?’ Are you excited, or a little let down they are not bigger lead-ins to ‘Infinity War?’ Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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