rian johnson star wars

We all know that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy loved working with director Rian Johnson on ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ as she greenlit a new trilogy which he could direct and now a few details are coming to light on it. There isn’t that much on specifics but we can see how much creative freedom that they’re giving him which appears to be in stark contrast to what previous directors had to work with.

Of course, Johnson’s trilogy doesn’t sound as if it will be directly tied to any previously explored areas of a story set in a galaxy far far away.

When talking about what direction he is allowed to go in with his new work Johnson stated:

“Right now there’s all the freedom in the world. That’s the whole thing that’s exciting to me is let’s go some new places, let’s meet some new folks, let’s see what else is out there. Let’s have one story told over three films in this galaxy with no limitations. It’s pretty exciting.”

This actually could be good news for some of the future installments into the ‘Star Wars’ franchise as other directors such as Denis Villeneuve would love to work on the franchise but only if they could stop talking about the Skywalkers and “get out of there and go on a new part of the galaxy”.

Sounds like that is exactly what Johnson is going to be able to do! The entire trilogy came from when he “pitched the idea of a new trilogy with a new story” and I’m sure fans everywhere are dying to hear more as it comes together. With how widely loved ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ was received which was related to the existing franchise but telling a new story, an entirely new saga could be extremely exciting to explore!

Are you looking forward to seeing what Rian Johnson will do with his own ‘Star Wars’ saga? Do you feel that it will take place in the past, future, or just a different part of the galaxy that we’ve seen so far? Share your thoughts below!