Shades of Gene Hackman!  But word has emerged that Lex Luthor, as portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg in the currently-filming ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ will have hair!  Though the villain also hair hair in his earliest appearances, it was later firmly established as canon that a large part of his vendetta against Superman stemmed from the hero’s accidentally causing Luthor’s hair to fall out when they were both still teenagers in Smallville.  This has since been eliminated from canon, but the villain has always maintained his iconic bald look.  For the 1978 ‘Superman: The Movie’, Gene Hackman wasn’t willing to shave his head, therefore he went through the first two movies with his hair fluffed up to look like a wig.  In the few scenes where the villain did appear wigless, Hackman wore a skullcap.

In the case of ‘Batman V. Superman’ it appears that Eisenberg’s Luthor will not be bald just because of his age.  His casting already raised some eyebrows as in the comics, Luther has basically always been depicted as older than Superman.  The idea of a younger “whiz kid” Luthor was… different.  Then came word that Lexcorp in the movie was going to be influenced by Facebook and Google, young, hip companies staffed by hipsters that didn’t stick to traditional business models.

Now the fact that Luthor has hair spins out of a scene Eisenberg filmed toward the beginning of the movie, so stay calm, comic fans.  By the end of the movie, he could be as bald as a cue ball, possibly due to something that Superman does, which would be a nice nod to comic book history.  (Or to something Luthor does to himself and blames on Superman.)

Luthor is also typically depicted as smug and narcissistic.  In this day and age, maybe he just doesn’t want to be bald and uses… I don’t know, Bosley Hair Replacement or something.

One final bit of news, that doesn’t concern Luthor’s follicles, concerns Holly Hunter, who was announced as a cast member some time ago, but about whom no details were known.  It appears that Hunter plays a U.S. Senator, most likely an original character.  So lay those Leslie Thompkins rumors to rest.

Set to open worldwide on May 6, 2016, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is based on Superman characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, Batman characters created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston, appearing in comic books published by DC Entertainment.

Source: Cinema Blend