Darth Vader

Nerdist Presents has done it again as their latest spoof has Darth Vader teaching a course on branding. In the class you’ll learn how to “turn your business into an empire” as “the Sith Lord himself teaches business owners how to “choke” the competition and how to best use the Dark Side.” Puns, humor, Star Wars, this is the perfect video to brighten up anyone’s day!

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for the course:

Get ready to learn from the masters with Nerdist Present’s rendition of the iconic trailers from Masterclass.com featuring your favorite characters from popular culture. In this Masterclass parody, the Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader teaches you about the topics he knows best. Leadership, commitment and when to use force choke to prove a point to your subordinates. See what would happen if Darth Vader used his galaxy-sized volume of knowledge to educate the next generation on how to best use The Dark Side. Brought to you by the team that created viral parody recut videos “Arrested Rebellion: Ron Howard’s Han Solo” and “Thor 3: Ragnarok – 1987 Trailer.

You can check it out right here!


Marketing has never been more cutting edge then when a lightsaber has been involved. Honestly, there are some great tips in the class too! How could you miss on the opportunity of being able to build something that isn’t a moon and gets blown up before everyone’s eyes? There truly is a new and untapped method of getting the word out about your brand here.

At the very least you’ll get a chuckle as one wife force chokes her husband over caring more about her glutton free muffin baker over her the supposed love of her life.

Are you ready to lose a limb to build your brand? Will you mow down every obstacle on your dark path to success? Share your thoughts below!