I’ve been pretty down on this entire run of ‘Wolverine’ with how little I’ve enjoyed it from the last run. So with this being the penultimate issue of the series and we’re right around the corner from when Wolverine is set to die, you’d hope that they’d finally ramp up the action in a worthy way. The book has been slow and off pace, so to make it right they’d have to end up on a high point. And you know what? They did! I’m a little shocked but this was actually an enjoyable read for me. It wasn’t without its flaws, but the series has finally hit its stride! It only took 11 issues to do it. Hopefully they can keep it up for one more and put Logan out to pasture in style.

While Pete Woods artwork seems to shift between two art styles within the book, it still ends up looking good. At least it doesn’t look like the hunchback Logan we’ve had for part of the run. What I was happy about, though, is Paul Cornell’s writing. With only an issue left, it was a bit strange that Logan and Nick Fury Jr. were spending time not only having a heart to heart, there are better characters for him to be having those with, but talking about anime.

It seemed a little off.

That complaint being said, I really liked just about every other aspect of the writing this issue. We had Wolverine come to terms with his mortality in a way that I wish he came into with a full year of issues left. I think the outlook he seems to gain here is one that would have been good to see earlier on. Honestly, if he had it most of this series I think his death would have been more enjoyable seeing it come to full circle in fulfilling his new belief.

Personally, I think that would have just been a better way to close the story. That being said, I’m glad he has the outlook before the final issue. Especially since I have a feeling I won’t be happy with the last issue. I just can’t be happy with Wolverine dying after this run, after the past few years of character evolution and saving the world from Sabertooth. While I understand Sabertooth is his most prominent villain and dying at almost anyone else’s hands wouldn’t work, I still just have to think, “It’s Sabertooth for crying out loud!”

His character doesn’t fit with how he has been portrayed in any of the other X-titles out there and this whole teaching Logan a lesson nonsense has just felt off since the start. OK, I’m sorry, deep breath. I might not be happy how I suspect the series will close, but this issue was a good read. The villains’ plans are coming together nicely. The world is getting ready to change. The heroes are prepared to save the day. Wolverine uses Sabertooth’s expectations against him. All in all, it was a well put together issue.

The run for ‘Wolverine’ is about to come to a tragic end on one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes. I hope they are able to end it on a stronger note than this series has been but if this issue is any indication they are at the very least on the right path.


Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Pete Woods