harrow county

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Tyler Crook have created a masterpiece in ‘Harrow County’ and this Spring we’ll see the tale begin to come to a close. The series kicked off in 2015 and brought us a tale of witchcraft that was so much more. It was a story of a young woman coming into her own that learns that with great power comes great darkness. The area has a long history of being cursed, and we’ve slowly learned precisely how dark this area of the world is, as the tale of young Emmy Crawford has come to light.

According to Bunn:

“Seeing Harrow County come to an end is bittersweet. I love this world. I love these characters. I love working with Tyler and Daniel and Dark Horse. And, if I’m being honest, we could probably continue Emmy’s story indefinitely. But we’re moving toward the ending we’ve always planned. We’ve told a story I’m very proud of, and we told it on our own terms. And I think the series is all the better for it.”

I love that they’ve had an endgame in mind for the entire series. It has always felt that the story was building to something and now we’re going to learn what that is. The great part of this being a comic is that if Emmy’s story doesn’t fully come to a close on the last page that it can always be revisited with another story down the line.

As we’ve learned, though, even death might not be the last chapter in Emmy’s life depending on how the story plays out.

On his end of bringing the book to life, Crook says that:

“I am so proud of what Cullen and I have been able to accomplish with Harrow County. When we first pitched the book I had no expectation that we would still be working on it 3 and a half years later. I’ll miss going to Harrow County every day to work but I’m extremely grateful that we were able to tell the story that we wanted to tell. While this may be the end of Emmy’s story I doubt it’ll be the last Harrow County story.”

Both creators have plenty on their plates, so I’m sure while they are likely sad to be closing the door on ‘Harrow County,’ at least for now, that they’ll be happy to put more of their creative attention in their other ventures.

We haven’t heard an update on the project in years, but at one time it was tapped to be adapted for the small screen so a television series may still be in the works. If it is, that means the endpoint for the series may now be written as well!

Are you sad to see that we’ll soon no longer be able to venture to ‘Harrow County’ and learn more about the world Emmy lives in? Is the idea that an endgame has always been in place make this a solid reason to look forward to the end of the series? Share your thoughts below!