walking dead

We know that ‘The Walking Dead’ is going to be emotionally crippling with the death of Carl Grimes when the series returns but new photos are hinting at a lot of action as well. The second half of Season 8 will put Rick Grimes on a new course of vengeance against Negan, and it all starts on February 25th, 2018. Shots not only focus on Chandler Riggs in his last outing as Carl, short of any flashbacks which may be used, but the rest of our survivors as well.

That being said, first we have a shot of Carl writing in his notebook which is something that there has been a lot of in the final episodes leading up to the big walker bite reveal. This is likely going to be a flashback to either a letter which Carl has written his father or Enid or sketching out a plan to help save the city if it were to come under attack by Negan:


We did end things with Alexandria burning, so we’ve also got a shot of Rick and Michonne trying to put out a fire. Likely they are attempting to save one of the structures or prevent the fire from spreading further throughout what is left of their homes.


With how bombed out we had seen the town in the midseason finale, this almost seems like it would be a future gesture at this point. Perhaps things weren’t quite as bad as they looked when it was still dark outside. There has to be some hope for recovery if they’re staying around to put out fires instead of evacuating the community which they had built.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘The Walking Dead’? Do you think that Carl being bitten will help or hinder the show going forward? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Line