Shannon Doherty Charmed

Following Holly Marie Combs‘ Twitter rant against The CW’s planned reboot of long-running witch series ‘Charmed’, original star Shannon Doherty has also added her opinion to the new spin.  Doherty spent the weekend responding to old school fans on Twitter and expressed an interest in a new take, but like Combs, found the description released to be offensive.

First, she supported the new version and the idea that this means more leading roles for women:



Doherty also diplomatically pointed out that ‘Charmed’ hit TV on the heels of witch movies, ‘The Craft’ and ‘Practical Magic’:


Notorious Hollywood bad girl Doherty shrugged off negativity, saying that “negativity has no place in my life”:


But the wording of the description, that the new version is “this fierce, funny, feminist reboot of the original series” rubbed both Combs and Doherty the wrong way.  The original series WAS feirce, funny and feminist!  This wasn’t some show from the 1950s!  The Halliwell sisters were all these things!  As Combs snarkily put it, ”Guess we forgot to do that the first go around. Hmph.”  But once again, Doherty took the high road, saying:


It seems that the idea of The CW bringing back ‘Charmed’ isn’t so much the issue, as the fact that it seems that they are belittling the original show.

‘Jane the Virgin’ creator/showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman and executive producer Ben Silverman, writers/co-executive producers Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin, and the pilot’s director Brad Silberling are responsible for the new version.  The CW has only ordered a pilot, so there is no guarantee that this will actually make it to series.

We’re going to have to wait and see whether Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan want to chime in, but the fact that Doherty points out that a lot of the misunderstanding seems to simply stem from the wording chosen to announce this project seems to have simply rubbed fans and stars the wrong way.

Are you willing to give the new ‘Charmed’ a chance or is this just a bad idea?

Source: Entertainment Weekly