star trek: discovery

While ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has received a mix of reviews from critics and fans alike, those who are passionate about the series, or Trekkies just searching out new information, will love this A-Z Glossary video! The film crew has taken a key new character or idea for each letter f the alphabet and expanded upon it to give viewers more insight on the CBS All Access series.

The video touches on everything from aliens to technology and everythig in between and is a welcome view by any fan out there.  If anything, you’ll note that it goes just a little too quickly as the entire thing only clocks in at a minute and forty-six seconds. Check it out below:




Do you enjoy when shows put together fun bonus videos like the ‘Star Trek: Discovery A-Z Glossary’? Was there anything shown in the video that you had missed while watching the show? How would you have expanded this to be a more in-depth experience? Share your thoughts below!

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