We already know that the new ‘Spawn’ movie will revolve around Detective Twitch with the Hellspawn not even having a speaking part, but with casting news coming out we’ve also learned another key comic character who won’t appear. If you think of Twitch showing up you would imagine that Sam would be involved as well though that won’t be the case here. There will be a “quasi-Sam” character but not the detective we all know which makes me wonder if they’ll be biting the big one before the story comes to a close.

As for who will be working with Twitch? According to Todd McFarlane:

“There is a big police component in this movie, but Sam is yet to be his partner in the story that I’m writing. The big role is Twitch and Spawn, and then we do have another police role, his current partner in this movie, who is our quasi-Sam, but it’s not Sam….And then there’s a female lead that’s in there. It’s not a love interest or any of the typical movie tropes.”

So there you have it folks, no Sam in the first outing. I almost expect this new partner to die by the end of the film and either we are introduced to Sam for the second movie or they cast him in the sophomore outing.

As to where casting is at, McFarlane had a bit to say on that as well:

“We just officially the other day had our first casting meeting, and so what that means for anyone listening today is with the final script we’re going to start sending that into Hollywood to actually go pick up the cast members.
So what you do during those first couple of meetings is go through all the characters and then sort of throw some names and bat some names around for people you think might fit it. More specifically, are there actors or characters you’ve seen in other movies that you think fall into that pool, because all of that gives the casting director a picture so that they can go ‘oh, okay, I know who to go after now that we’re doing it.’ So we’ve officially begun the casting process.”

No names as of yet though I suspect we’re going to be hearing something soon on that end with where the film is in pre-production and how Blumhouse tends to work.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Spawn’? Do you think that putting the focus on Twitch and not including Sam yet is the right choice? Share your thoughts below!

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