With how successful the ‘Kick-Ass’ feature film was, it is no surprise that Mark Millar is giving his 2 cents as to which actress he’d like to see play the new role. While there is no word as to if there is a potential movie to be made from the new series which has yet to debut, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see this happen. As to who could play her, Millar himself only has a single actress in mind and she’s straight from the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Tessa Thompson!


Tessa Thompson absolutely blew us all away in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ as the new Valkyrie. In fact, Marvel themselves loved her take on the character so much that they’re introducing a comic adaptation based off of her acting! From what little we know about the new ‘Kick-Ass’ she would be a great fit.

However, would this fit be in the movies? Millar has an announcement for ‘Kick-Ass’ coming tomorrow afternoon:


While I suspect this announcement has nothing to do with a movie already being signed, there is always the chance that it is. If not a movie though, one has to wonder if they’ve worked out the rights for the movies to continue the story of the original Kick-Ass .

Could you imagine Tessa Thompson playing the character for years to come on Netflix? I wish!

Do you believe that Tessa Thompson would make a good ‘Kick-Ass’ or do you have someone else in mind that would be perfect to play the part? Could you see the new iteration hitting Netflix or would likely just continue on the big screen? Share your thoughts below!