dwayne johnson black adam

Fans of the DCEU have a lot to be nervous about right now, with the recent studio developments throwing the future of a lot of projects into question, especially since, minus ‘Wonder Woman,’ there have not been a lot of successful outings from the expensive franchise. Rumors have been popping up left and right about reboots, starting with a clean slate, scrapping everything, but that would be a huge disservice to films already in production tied to the existing DCEU which would not have time to retool and adapt. However, there is some hope here, as some films continue to move forward despite the uncertainty, painting a different picture on the future of the DCEU. One such film is Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Black Adam,’ which looks to still be part of the main DCEU, and its star does not seem worried in the least about the current happenings at DC/ Warner Bros. While speaking to Variety lately about the project, Johnson stated:

Black Adam is coming along. The script is coming along. I’m very happy with it. That’s a project that obviously you want to take your time [with]…I think it’s in a very exciting time now, with DC, because there’s some rejiggering going on. There’s reconfiguration going on. There’s looking at the macro map of the DC universe. And I know those guys are working diligently at DC and Warner Bros too, working closely with our producers too, to see how Black Adam unfolds in the universe. But yeah. I mean, I’m excited about it. It’s just coming along and being written.”

Johnson also hinted recently that he will not be the only major DC Comics character in the film:

“Without giving anything away, there MIGHT be maybe a cameo or two of some of the other DC superheroes…We’ll see. That’s been the beauty of Black Adam as we’ve been developing it is that we could make a movie that just stood on its own too as well, but that’s also the beauty of those universes coming together at DC.”

Of course, Johnson might just be trying to put his best face forward and keep up fan interest in the project and remind Warner Bros/ DC that he still wants to make the movie. He still has a large fanbase that would go see this movie and it would be wise for Warner Bros not to scrap EVERYTHING just yet, as films like ‘Black Adam’ and the upcoming ‘Shazaam!’ might prove that the DCEU has more steam left than the studio believes.

What are your thoughts here? Can the DCEU still be saved? Are you excited for ‘Black Adam’ or are you worried it is going to become a victim of the DCEU shake-up? Feel free to share your opinions on the matter in the comments below!