mon-el supergirl

Fans might have been a tad disappointed in the Legion of Super Heroes‘ basic black ensembles in the newest episode of ‘Supergirl’ but it appears that at least one of them, the most prominent member so far, Mon-El (Chris Wood) will gain something closer to his comic book costume.

To drum up awareness of the midseason returns of its shows, The CW has released a new ‘Dare to Defy’ trailer, featuring the stars of its many shows walking around in slow motion.  There is no actual show footage, but for fans of ‘Supergirl’ there is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reveal of Mon-El’s new super suit, which is glimpsed toward the very beginning, around the 0:03 mark.

Check it out below:


Here’s a little screen cap of the suit:

It appears that this uniform is in keeping with the comics’ color scheme at the very least, mostly read with royal blue accents– basically an inversion of the Superman/girl color scheme.  This suit, however, is more sleek and form-fitting.  Though the comic book Mon-El has worn a few different costumes, the most famous include a loose-fitting tunic with slightly-puffy sleeves and shirt tails that hang below the belt.  While we’re discussing the belt, it seems to bear a “V” emblem, referencing his sometime codename Valor.  The clearest nod to his comic book costume are the golden shoulder clasps for his cape.  They’re slightly redesigned but are clearly drawn from the source material.  To be honest, the comic book suit, in general, tends to be somewhat simplistic.  (The character debuted in 1961.)  The TV costume is inspired by the classic suit, but stylized and modern.

When will the red and blue suit debut?  Hopefully soon.  And hopefully, this will lead to the other Legionnaires adopting more colorful suits.  In the comics, Saturn Girl’s costumes tend to be hot pink, while Brainiac 5’s are mostly purple.  The drab black doesn’t seem to suit them, no pun intended.

‘Supergirl’ airs on The CW on Monday nights at 8pm EST for the next three weeks, before it takes another hiatus, during which time ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will air in that time slot.