We know that the ‘Infinity Countdown‘ is this year’s huge cosmic event for Marvel and now the publisher has released an official checklist of what to expect and when! One of the key aspects of the event is that it plans on sharing why the stones are “different now” and how the 616-Universe has been reformed after the latest “Secret War”. The creative team behind the story state that the stones are “the source codes for the Marvel Universe can be destroyed, but they must reappear elsewhere… the stones are different now, and they work differently.”

I’m eager to not only see how they’re working differently but who is actually behind this event. We know that Kang the Conqueror will partially be behind the latest return of Adam Warlock but how instrumental he will be in the greater story is still hard to tell.

This checklist is to help “make sure that you don’t miss any of the action” and also includes which some of the key issues are and why!

You can check the checklist right here:

infinity countdown

We know that the stones themselves are going to be part of a “battle that will change the balance of cosmic power” though it is unclear who exactly will still be the larger players involved and if the Infinity Gauntlet itself will be reformed.

Marvel describes the list as:

“Serving as a handy map and designed to help guide readers towards key Marvel issues that have played a role in preparing the Marvel Universe for this epic saga, the INFINITY COUNTDOWN checklist ties it all together – from the first reappearance of the Infinity Stones in ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY to the upcoming INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1.”

There is a lot going on with this story and we’re being given more questions than answers.

We’re all still asking if Thanos will be involved? Will the Infinity Gauntlet be put together again? If so who will end up wielding it? Share your thoughts below True Believers!