In the next few months until the March 3rd premiere of ‘Logan,’ there is going to be a lot of hype about the final movie where we will get to see Hugh Jackman play Wolverine. A lot of it will be about the 17 years that Jackman has been playing Logan, a lot will be about Patrick Stewart’s potential final turn as Professor Charles Xavier in the film, a lot will be about how far the movie skews from the source material (the ‘Old Man Logan’ comic), and a lot will just be speculation about whether or not Jackman will really be hanging up the metaphorical tights following the film. Oh, and the other thing that will be hyped, and for good reason, is the fact that at long last, this will be the Wolverine movie where we will finally get to see Jackman cut loose with the character in the most violent means possible, like Wolverine in the comics, something he was unable to do in every other film do to their PG -13 ratings.

Yep, this film will most likely be getting that R-Rating (at least based on the Red Band trailer we have seen so far). We know that Jackman himself fought hard for that R rating so the film could really be violent and show off the character’s more destructive side. Everyone agrees the most fitting send-off for Jackman’s version of the character would be to let him fully be the Wolverine from the comics for the first time on-screen, which of course, does mean, this may not be a movie you want to bring the kids to. Which is something the director, James Mangold, agrees with. According to Mangold himself as reported by The Playlist:

“Logan is an attempt to bring an end to Hugh’s amazing line of performances as Wolverine. And the ambition of doing that is to try and make an ‘adult film’ about Wolverine. To make a movie for grownups. We’re not trying to make a movie that [satisfies] everyone. We’re trying to make a movie that stands out and is different because it’s kind of a grown up drama that also features intense action.”

It is a big risk, but as ‘Deadpool’ recently proved, you can have an R-Rated superhero film that is still successful, and I cannot imagine Jackman’s final, bloody outing as Wolverine not doing fairly well at the box-office, especially with that R-Rating and the promise of actual Wolverine violence. But that’s just me. Feel free to share your own thoughts on the matter in the comments below!