There are a lot of questions as to what will happen once The Walt Disney Company officially buys out the content arm of Fox, but we have learned that there are no plans for the company to “Disney-fy” their shows. That has been one of the concerns in the cinematic realm as well with R-Rated offerings such as ‘Deadpool‘ and ‘Logan’ possibly having to find their ways into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While we’ll likely see most of the Fox content stand on its own in both theaters and the small screen, it doesn’t sound like TV should be a concern for audiences.

The news came out at the rest semi-annual Television Critics Association tour where Fox TV Group Chairman Gary Newman stated that when Disney was in talks to buy Fox that:

“They were incredibly vocal to us about how much they liked our brand, how much they admired the programming. We have every expectation they are not acquiring Fox to somehow turn it into some form of a PG company, to ‘Disney-fy’ it. They will be encouraging of our content.”

With Disney needing to have a more diverse set of programs outside of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and their Marvel properties for the new streaming service that they want tl launch this makes sense. You’ll want to attract all forms of viewers from children through adults and getting rid of films like the ‘Alien’ franchise or stopping shows like ‘Family Guy‘ from being geared towards adults doesn’t make much fiscal sense.

When you look at how Disney has handled most of their purchases in recent years they’ve taken a mostly hands off approach but just adding a guiding hand here or there. I suspect that for much of Fox’s properties that will end up being the same.

Do you think that Disney would even contemplate trying to make all of Fox’s offerings more family friendly or does that seem to go against the core spirit of what this business deal is all about? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly