Thor: Ragnarok

Now that Marvel has announced the home video release dates for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ (digitally on February 20th, DVD and Blu-Ray on March 6th), fans can look forward to “leaked” bonus content from the Blu-Ray to find its way online up until the day the movie is released to the public. First up, as is often the case, is the gag reel for the movie, which reveals how the set of ‘Ragnarok’ really did seem like a fun place to shoot. From Taika Waititi humming along and singing his own lyrics to the Marvel Studios logo, to the constant dancing on set, and the ad libs from everyone including Taika when he dubbed his character while wearing the CGI suit, it’s obvious fun was had by all!

Here are some of the quotes from the actors that you can hear in the video speaking to the fun tone of the set:


“Taika’s humor is so particular and unique and quirky.”


“A day on the set working with Taika involves hijinks, dancing. He’s just a big kid.”


“It’s been like that the whole time. Just cracking up on set. It’s definitely the most lighthearted, fun set I’ve been on.”

When visited the set last year, they definitely seemed to get the sense of the more light-hearted tone of the movie and the set, especially when speaking to Waititi about the kind of movie it was going to be, “It really is, to my mind, probably the craziest of the Marvel films in a good way,” and then again when speaking to Hemsworth about the film they were trying to make. “Every day was about exploring the unknown and trying something different…I had got pretty bored of myself as that character and so did he, maybe a few people out there, so we thought, ‘Let’s do something different.’ And every day was improvised and a journey into somewhere we hadn’t been before.”

Check out the gag reel for yourself below!