Luke Skywalker The Last Jedi

There was a choice made at the end of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ about which lightsaber that Luke Skywalker would use and director Rian Johnson is now sharing what prompted the Jedi towards his pick. This is from the climax of the film, so of course, if you haven’t seen the movie, this is a spoiler warning. However, if you have, here is another scene that the director is sharing some background details on.

In the final scene between Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren, we saw Luke Skywalker go up against his nephew with what looks to be Anakin’s blue lightsaber. This was, of course, Vader’s weapon of choice and a key obsession of Kylo’s, so seeing it would make him that much angrier as he just lost it to Rey in a scene before.

“[Luke] is basically tailoring this projection to have maximum effect on Kylo. He knows that Kylo’s Achilles heel is his rage, and so that’s why he kind of makes himself look younger, the way Kylo would’ve last seen him in their confrontation at the temple, and that’s why he decided to bring Kylo’s grandfather’s lightsaber down there — the lightsaber that Kylo screamed at Rey, ‘that’s mine, that belongs to me.’”

But wait, you might say, he just witnessed the lightsaber destroyed didn’t he? Let’s take a moment to refresh your memory with what actually happened on screen:

“We as an audience saw that… The truth is, we see the lightsaber split in half — Kylo sees a blinding flash of light and is knocked unconscious, and then Rey takes the lightsaber away before he wakes up. So if you really want to dig into it and get an explanation, you can say that he doesn’t 100 percent know what happened to the lightsaber.”

I know, as we got to witness the whole scene and both we and Rey know what happened, the lines get a little blurry. But the fact of the matter is that Kylo did get knocked out and was unconscious until Hux strode into the room and almost took his life.

Do you agree with Rian Johnson’s choice for Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’? Did his explanation make sense when you thought through what Kylo actually witnessed? Share your thoughts below!

Source: IGN