sarah paulson american horror story

Showrunner Ryan Murphy has again teased a new detail about the eighth season of FX’s ‘American Horror Story‘ and this one related directly to Sarah Paulson. It sounds as if she’s going to have something interesting going on with her teeth as she’ll be sporting some “dental appliances” in the upcoming season. Per usual, there hasn’t been much in the way of details but we do know that the eighth outing for the show will take place in the future and doesn’t sound like the multi-season crossover outing which has been hinted at in the past.

Murphy didn’t go into any detail as to what this means and has only said of his favorite star and muse “is very excited about the dental appliances she will be wearing on the show.” Now, this could be anything from having bad teeth to wanting to be a makeshift vampire to being tortured and beyond. Anything is possible when Murphy is involved, especially when things are in the future.

So far, we’ve seen Paulson go blind and play her own twin so with that in mind, it isn’t a stretch for the actress to be open for new special effects. Since “it’s set in the near future” you almost have to wonder if the time difference will play into why she has this dental work being done as the season will have nothing to do with anything we’ve seen from the series before. It is also unclear if she’ll be the only one sporting this look or if others will as well.

What kind of dental appliances do you think Sarah Paulson’s character will wear in ‘American Horror Story’ Season 8 and why? Will it be there to fix her teeth, as a form of torture, or will she be wearing them to inflict terror on others? Share your theories in the comments below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly