If there is one thing LEGO has been notorious for in the past few years (aside from producing some hilarious movies, TV shows, and videos games, and keeping up a pretty stellar line of toys), it has been their ability to leak plot details to big blockbuster movies months ahead of when studios have been ready for those details to be released. The latest movie to feel the burn from LEGO, is ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story,’ though at this point any PR for that film that looks to get people excited is a good thing since of late there has been a lot of bad press for the film. And the stuff coming from the LEGO toys looks pretty cool.

Based on the fact that there is a TIE Fighter set with Han Solo in disguise, we can somewhat guess that the movie will feature Han and company infiltrating some kind of Imperial establishment, which fits with the rumored “heist” plot of the movie. And the “Kessel Run MILLENIUM FALCON” set seems to confirm the addition of the mines of Kessel (especially since it comes with a “Kessel Operations droid”) and the infamous run that Han brags to Luke and Obi-Wan about in ‘A New Hope’ to the ‘Solo’ movie. Also included is the an idea of what the Falcon is going to look like in the movie, which is somewhat different not only because of the blue highlights, but also the fact that the forward mandibles appear to be closed and connected, something we have not seen them do before in a ‘Star Wars’ movie. Lastly, the addition of Corellian hounds to a number of the sets also seems to confirm that we will at long last be getting a look at Han Solo’s home planet of Corellia in this film, a world often spoken of in other films but not yet experienced by audiences.

Check out all the leaked pictures of the LEGO sets for yourself below, and please let us know in the comments section if you spotted any more plot points for ‘Solo’ within!