The 1980s series ‘The Greatest American Hero‘ is being brought back from the dead and finding a new home on ABC with a modern day reboot. The original series had a run from 1981-1983 and starred William Katt as a school teacher who found an alien suit which when worn, gave him superpowers. However, he wasn’t the most graceful of people prior to donning this costume and didn’t quite know how to control the powers of the suit which quickly turned this into a comedy.

Here is what Channing Dungey, President ABC Entertainment had to say about it at the Television Critics Association:

“We’re actually developing a reboot of The Greatest American Hero that stars an Indian American woman. That comes to us from Nahnatchka Khan.”

Khan (‘Fresh off the Boat’) looks to be very interested in switching the gender and nationality of the main character. The idea of a female Indian-American superhero sounds fantastic as we’ve already seen new takes on female superheroes totally work with how awesome the new ‘Ms. Marvel’ is. While I’m generally annoyed with reboots, this one could have merit.

Outside of Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ the network hasn’t been too successful in launching any Marvel superhero shows with ‘Inhumans’ being a complete bust for the first season and fan-favorite ‘Agent Carter’ only pulling in the ratings for two seasons even though both viewers and critics alike loved everything about the series.

This doesn’t mean that the network is averse to showing more superheroes as:

“The question really is more what kind of superhero show, what’s the tone, how are we doing it? I would never say we’re closing the door on superheroes.”

Likely, just Marvel superheroes if the network can get away with it even though Disney owns the network.

Are you willing to give a reboot of ‘The Greatest American Hero’ or will you need to see more previews before rushing to a decision? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film